Preventing Falls In The Workplace

Falls can happen easily and unexpectedly doing simple tasks like walking or climbing up a ladder. Sometimes, however, they a slip and fall accident will affect a worker perched 100 feet above ground. This can be serious and deadly. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that more than a tenth of all workplace fatalities are results from falling. Additionally, a little less than one fifth of all days spent away from work are related to fall injury recovery. If you’ve been injured during a fall at work you should contact slip and fall attorneys in Nashville to see if you are eligible to receive compensation.

Slip and fall accidents in the work place are most commonly the result of slippery floors, cluttered work areas, unstable walking surfaces, unsafe ladder positions and unprotected edges. Federal regulations are in place to provide specific prevention measures against unsafe work environments. Even with these regulations, however, many industries continue to happen and the number of slip and fall injuries continue to rise. Slip and fall attorneys in Nashville understand the law and will help protect your rights if you have been injured at your workplace.

Guidelines for safer working environments, include:

Good Housekeeping Practices

Keeping the workplace clean goes hand in hand with keeping it safe. If a workplace is kept clean it is a good indication that it is also safe. Make sure a routine is in place to help maintain the cleanliness of your work area and ensure it is performed daily by all employees.

Keep Areas Dry

The surfaces employees walk on account for the majority of slip and fall injuries reported by state agencies. These areas include –

  • sidewalks
  • food preparation areas
  • parking lots
  • shower stalls
  • floors

Using absorbents can reduce the incidence of slippery floors. Signs indicating whether or not floors are wet help alert employees to use caution when walking in potentially dangerous areas. Anti-skid tapes are available that can also help to prevent slips and falls.

Keep Areas Clutter Free

Falls can occur when one trips over clutter. Keep clutter out of aisles, halls and especially away from stairs. Encourage all employees to keep their things off of floors and out of walkways.

Even with these precautions, slip and fall accidents can still occur. If you have suffered a fall in your workplace, contact slip and fall attorneys in Nashville to help protect your rights.

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