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What is personal injury law? Personal injury law is the law that covers you if you have been injured as a result of someone else being careless or reckless. Also known as “tort” law, a reference to the French word for “wrong”, personal injury law covers you in the event you or your personal property has been injured or damaged due to someone else’s intentional misconduct.

A common example of personal injury is an injury sustained when someone hits your vehicle from behind while your vehicle is stopped. In this instance you are the plaintiff, the person harmed, and the vehicle owner who struck you is the, defendant or wrongdoer. If you sustain injury as a result of this accident you are entitled to file a personal injury claim to receive monetary compensation for loss of employment, medical expenses or any other loss you may have suffered as a result of the injury.

How is personal injury defined by Tennessee statues?

Tennessee law defines personal injury as an injury received as a result of an individual, business or other entity’s negligence. These injuries could be the result from vehicle accidents, product malfunction, medical malpractice or property liability. There is a one year statute of limitations on filing personal injury claims so it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible after an injury occurs.

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