The Role of Personal Injury Attorneys in Helping Slip and Fall Victims

Over one million people are seriously injured in slip and fall accidents each year. Some of these injuries heal over time, while others result in long-term head and back injuries or other permanent disabilities. The costs can be significant as well. In fact, each year costs for slip and fall injuries in the United States average $36 billion. Moreover, the average cost per injury is over $20,000. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident that you believe is due to another person’s negligence, it is essential that you contact a slip and fall lawyer in Nashville as soon as possible after your accident to make sure that your physical and financial future is protected.

What Slip and Fall Attorneys in Nashville Can Do for You

There are several key roles that Nashville slip and fall attorneys play when an accident has occurred. Some of the work that they can perform on your behalf includes:

  • Gather facts
  • Determine whether or not a lawsuit is in your best interests
  • Advise you of your legal options
  • File a claim
  • Make sure all deadlines and legal requirements are met in your case
  • Defend your rights in court
  • Negotiate a settlement amount
  • Make sure settlement arrangements are handled appropriately

Why You Need an Attorney

When you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, the insurance companies only have their own best interests in mind. Their main goal is often to pay as little money as possible for your claim. They may want to get you to sign an agreement quickly after an accident has happened to limit the money you receive. Furthermore, while you are trying to recover from a serious injury the last thing you need to worry about is the intricate details of a liability claim or lawsuit. Let someone else with the necessary knowledge and experience fight for your rights. Call for the assistance of slip and fall attorneys in Nashville today at 615.859.2223 or toll-free at 800.431.2768.

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