Understanding Traumatic Brain Injuries With a Brain Injury Lawyer

Traumatic brain injury is a commonly seen case that many injury lawyers deal with on a regular basis. These types of injuries arise from many different types of accidents: slip and falls, auto accidents, sports injuries, violent attacks and work place injuries. Getting an experienced brain injury lawyer to represent you or a loved one is one of the best things you can do to help reduce the negative affects of TBI.

Most people do not realize how prevalent cases of TBI are or how truly overwhelming injuries of this nature can be. TBI is often missed during initial treatment and diagnosis because trying to stabilize a person and save them is the most urgent objective at that time. The death rate from traumatic brain injuries at one time in our history was very high because there were no fancy machines to monitor the brain, and surgery techniques were crude and rudimentary. Many people died due to pressure on the brain or because of impalement, bruising and the disruption the injury caused to major functions of the brain. Although the methods for diagnosis and treatment have advanced significantly, TBI still has a long-lasting impact, which is the main concern a brain injury lawyer will address in their case.

TBI has two classifications recognized by both the medical community and brain injury lawyer advocates: mild and severe. In many cases of mild brain injury, MRI and CAT scans often show nothing abnormal, and the individual will often have mild discomfort and minor problems for a few hours to a day or two afterwards These include headache, slow reflexes, memory problems, lapses of logic, irritability, attention deficits, mild confusion, sudden mood swings, temporary changes in personality and frustration. Severe brain injury can produce symptoms that involve the higher level cognitive functions, trouble breathing, heart rate issues, inability to respond to stimuli and complete loss of consciousness. Survivors may have trouble controlling their arms or legs, have abnormal speech patterns, lose their ability to think logically or experience sudden and drastic personality changes and emotional problems.

The effects of TBI can be profound. For many people with severe TBI, long-term rehabilitation is often necessary, and a brain injury lawyer can get someone the help they need.

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