How to Find a Personal Injury Attorney in Tennessee

Before you can find a personal injury attorney in Tennessee, you need to determine which type of attorney you need. Personal injury, or tort law, encompasses a lot legal issues including dog bites, car accidents, assaults and slip and falls. Not every personal injury attorney in Tennessee may specialize in the area of law you need. So it’s important you start your search knowing what type of attorney you need.

Ask for Referrals
Talk to family members, friends and co-workers who have recently hired personal injury attorneys. Ask questions pertaining to the attorney’s legal experience and communication style. You will want to compile at a list of at least four to five attorneys.

Other Sources
If you don’t want your friends or acquaintances knowing you plan to hire a personal injury attorney, there are other ways to find them. Here are a few additional resources you could use:
• Lawyer referral services
• Lawyer directories
• Other attorneys
The Right Attorney for You  
After you have your list of lawyers, you will want to personally meet with each attorney. The majority of attorneys offer free consultations. These consultations help personal injury lawyers learn about your case and help you determine if he/she’s the right attorney for you. At your consultation, you’ll want to bring copies of:
• Medical bills
• Police reports
• Income loss information
• Correspondence with any insurance companies

Bringing these things will help the attorney understand more about your legal issue(s). During the consultation, you will want to find out certain things about the attorney you are considering, such as:

  • Their legal experience
  • How many cases like yours such as car accident have they handled?
  • Do they represent plaintiffs or defendants more often?
  • Would the attorney you’re meeting with be the one to represent you? Or would they give your case to an associate attorney?
  • Does the attorney negotiate more settlements or goes to trial?

The answer to the last question is helpful if you have an end game in mind. For instance, if your goal is to settle the case, you may not want or need an attorney with a huge amount of trial experience.

Finding a Personal Injury Attorney in Tennessee
After you’ve met with all the attorneys on your list, determine which one is right for you. The Law Office of Eric Beasley is available to assist you with your case.

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